Cherised : A Short Movie

Hi, everyone! How are you guys doing? I hope it's good because I have a very interesting news for you guys!

As you see, my friends and I made a short movie about ... well, there are a lot of things that we want to tell you from this movie. About how important it is to be a good friend, to cut some toxic people out of your life, to let your logic controls you more than your feeling does, and even how important it is to always cherished every moment that you have in life so you won't feel so lonely and sad all the time.

Well, we do hope this movie will turn out to be good because, well, this is my first time ever to make such things!


Edu Passion : A Very Late Post

Months ago, my school -- my somewhat beloved SMA Negeri 3 Bandung -- held this event that is called "Edu Passion". And by looking at its name, we can tell that this event will uphold a theme that related to 'Education'.

That's right. SMA Negeri 3 LOVES anything educational!

Well, before we step even further, I'd like everyone here to know what Edu Passion actually is. Edu Passion is an event where Senior High School students (in this case they are every 'Warga Tiga's) could see even closer and broaden their knowledge about university and its departments. There were over than 20 universities that set up their college booth during the event, such as STAN (Sekolah Tinggi Akutansi Negara), ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung), UNAIR (Universitas Airlangga), UNPAR (Univeritas Katolik Parahyangan) and many more. Not only colleges were introduced on the event, but also some Tuition Centres like Rumah Belajar Daniel, Edulab, and many others.

SMA Negeri 3 Bandung als…

Announcement' Exercises.

P.S. I deleted some texts on purpose since it made everything looks messier on this post. If you need to see the reference text, just click on the link below.

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